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Shop direct from the factory at Fuller's secure web site.

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Just browse our online catalog and jot down what you'd like to order, then call us at 1-800-522-0499. Please give ID 0427480.

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Business Kit Orders

Business kits can not be ordered by phone. They must be ordered online, or by fax or mail, through an authorized distributor, such as myself.

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Did You Know?

You can save 20% on each and every order.

Just join Fuller Brush as an independent distributor, and you get a minimum 20% discount. You can sign up for free, and you are never under any obligation.


I keep a list of my own favorites for you to browse.

As a Fuller Brush distributor since 1997, I have my own list of personal favorites that I use in my own home. Browse my list, and see if there's something there you might like, too. Every item on this list on sale!


Fuller Brush offers the finest home business opportunity in the industry.

If you've tried network marketing before, and were disappointed by quotas and mandatory orders and lost downlines, you're in for a treat. Fuller Brush's plan is easy, generous, and our products nearly sell themselves. Never any obligation. Buy and sell only when and if you want. Part time or full time potential.


Money Back Guarantee

Our motto is the same today as it was when Alfred Fuller founded the company in 1906.

  • design it to work
  • craft it to last
  • guarantee it, no matter what

Start Building A Fuller Life...

The Fuller Brush Company Offers You Your Own Home Based Business

A Business Partner America Trusts

As A Fuller Brush Distributor, You Can

  • Save on your own purchases, with no obligation to ever buy or sell a thing.
  • Start your own home business.
  • Earn a part time or full time income.
  • Choose from 3 starter kits, from $14.95 to $59.95.

More Highlights

  • No minimum orders.
  • No mandatory orders.
  • No quotas.
  • No MLM requirements.
  • Buy, Sell, or Sponsor only when and if you want.
  • Special offers for new distributors, including a bonus worth $107.50 (Details).
  • Sell via mail order with the Fuller Direct service.
  • Sell online with FullerDirect.com.
  • Access to the entire Stanley Home Products line.

A Few Fuller Facts

Made In USAThe Market

  • Everyone uses the products Fuller manufactures.
  • Eight out of 10 adults know the Fuller Brush name.
  • 1% current market saturation... 99% available.
  • Average family uses $50 in Fuller-type products monthly.
  • Millions of Americans are seeking alternate and additional income stability.

The Company

  • Established in 1906... trusted for integrity and quality.
  • Computerized bookkeeping and genealogy reports.
  • Toll-free ordering and service lines.
  • Full-color sales catalogs monthly.
  • Product and sales training to help your business grow.

Fuller GoldThe Plan

  • Easy to learn and easy to teach to others.
  • Earn when you retail, sponsor, or both.
  • Earn immediately; discounts from 20 - 55%.
  • Earn bonuses on the production of your downline.
  • Small or no initial investment; unlimited potential; achievement of your dreams.

What Can You Do With A Fuller Distributorship?

  • Buy at Distributor prices for yourself.
  • Sell to friends, neighbors, coworkers, family - in person, or by mail order with the Fuller Direct program.
  • Sell by mail order to out of town customers.
  • Sell online with your own free Fuller Direct web site.
  • Sell to small businesses, at swap meets, flea markets, home parties, & door-to-door.
  • Sell both Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products.
  • Sponsor other new Distributors to increase your commission level and earn over-rides and bonuses.
  • Do any, all, or none of the above. Everything is optional.

What To Expect From Fuller & Your Sponsor

Fuller Brush Man
  • A complete, professional, business starter kit, featuring the Fuller Gold Business Manual, catalogs, brochures, and lots, lots more.
  • Fuller's toll-free telephone support for you and your customers.
  • Online Distributor Resource Center exclusively from the DownEast Winning Team, with tips, advice, help, training manuals, and lots of information to help you succeed in your new home-based business.
  • 24 hour Sale Hotline from Fuller Brush, offering specials, incentives, contests, news and more to help your business grow and prosper.
  • Toll-free telephone ordering for you and your customers.
  • Newsletters and email announcements from your experienced, full-time upline, offering training, tips, advice, and lots more.
  • Complete support for mail orders from your customers with the Fuller Direct mail order, and FullerDirect.com online services. Your customers order from Fuller, pay Fuller, & receive their product shipment from Fuller. You receive a monthly commission check.

How You Can Make Money

Fuller Brush offers 3 profit centers: Retail, Fuller Direct, and Network Marketing. You can take advantage of any or all of them. Of course, to maximize your profits, we suggest you use all 3. But it's up to you. There are no obligations or requirements with Fuller Brush. We make it possible for you to do what you want to do, it's up to you to decide what you want and how you want to get it.

Retail: Earn 20% to 55%

Few companies in America have the name recognition and product satisfaction guarantee the Fuller Brush Company has. Fuller Brush sells quality products that every home needs and wants. Even people who don't like selling are finding it easy to collect Fuller Brush orders. Independent Distributors can purchase products directly from the company at wholesale prices by mail or toll free telephone. There are no minimum or maximum quotas. Fuller has a very generous commission structure, so you can make an excellent income just retailing. However, we recommend that you take advantage of all three profit centers.

Internet ShoppingFuller Direct: Your Own Mail Order Business

There are very few, if any, networking companies out there today that offer such a complete mail order program. Fuller Direct is a program designed to help the distributor who wants to build his or her business from their home. Fuller has the name recognition to get people to look at your catalog and order from it. And, your customers deal directly with The Fuller Brush Company, by mail, phone, or Internet. Fuller ships the products directly to your customer, and credits you with the retail profit. (Commission checks are mailed monthly.) Fuller provides catalogs and monthly sales brochures at nominal cost to you. Same commission as regular retail sales. A terrific way to make extra money.

Network Marketing: Sharing An Opportunity

Networking is simply word of mouth advertising. If you sponsor other distributors, Fuller will pay you, based on their sales, and their distributors' sales, as long as you are active yourself. If you sponsor 3 people who do the same, by the 4th level, you will have 120 distributors on whom you will receive a commission. Their volume will also push you to a higher commission level on your own sales. If you have built your business to the 44% level, and you have a distributor at the 24% level, you earn 20% commission on all his or her sales. Networking duplicates your time and money.

Stairway To Success

There are three levels on Fuller's Stairway to Success: Sales Associate, Manager, and Director.

Sales Associate

  • Everyone starts as a Sales Associate.
  • Earn 20% commission on your first $200 in PV (Personal Volume). Personal volume includes retail items you buy for your own use, or for retail sale to your customers, as well as all your customer sales through Fuller Direct.
  • Earn 22% commission on your next $200 in PV.
  • Earn 24% commission on your next $200 in PV.
  • Once you reach a total of $600 in PGV (no time limit), you advance to Manager. PGV includes your sales, plus the total of all your downline sales.


  • Managers enjoy a minimum 26% commission level.
  • Actual commission level is determined by the total of Personal Group Volume (PGV) each month.
  • Commissions range from 26% to 46%.
  • Sales made by your downline are added to your own sales. The total of sales by you and your downline determines your commission level and over-ride percentage.
  • Example: You personally sell $200. That would give you a 32% commission. But if you had 2 distributors, who also sell $200 each, that brings your PGV to $600, and you have a 41% commission. Plus, you get over-rides on your downline sales.


  • Directors enjoy a minimum 41% commission level.
  • Actual commission level is determined by monthly sales.
  • Commissions range from 41% to 55%.
  • Sales made by your downline are added to your own. The total of sales by you and your downline determines your commission level and over-ride percentage.
  • Example: You personally sell $1000 in product. That would give you a 45% commission level. But if you have 15 distributors, who sell $200 each, that brings your PGV to $4000, and you have a 50% commission. Plus, you get over-ride commissions on your downline sales.

About Your Sponsor

Your sponsor will be Ms. Routh. I have been with Fuller since 2003; and advanced to Manager within 6 months. I am a member of our Downeast Winning Team training and support web site. You'll receive access to that site after your application is approved and processed.

Ready To Go?

Starter Kits
  • If you keep doing what you've always done, will it be enough?
  • To hear a recorded message about the Fuller Brush Home Business opportunity, call our 24 hour toll-free hotline at 1-800-477-3855
  • We offer 3 kits, from $14.95 to $59.95.
  • Select and Order Your Starter Kit Here!